Deer Hunting Tips

Are you a veteran deer hunter or just a newbie hunter heading to the woods for the first time? There are many important things to consider when hunting deer. There are many things that you need to follow to become a successful buck hunter this season. Here are some of the most effective deer hunting tips that will make you a successful buck hunter this season.

Deers can spot human odor from many miles away. That is why it is important to shower with a scent-free soap before you hunt for deer. Also, it is important that you don’t contaminate your hunting clothes on the way to the jungle. Use a bag with leaves or a plastic container to keep the clothes sealed around the stand until you are at the hunting location. This will allow the clothes to absorb the naturally present scents to make your hunting session much easier over time. Many hunters rely on doe estrous for effective big buck attraction. But this is not the be-all and end-all of big buck attraction. Although doe estrous is a great tool to consider when hunting for deer, it is not the best during the early season of hunting. In fact, a smart hunter should take advantage of the territorial instincts of bucks during such season. During the early season of hunting (early October), the smell of an estrous doe won’t make any sense to a buck. But you shouldn’t completely do away with buck scent since it is worth checking out.

On the other hand, if you are hunting during the peak season, you should soak a drag rag in doe estrous – and the buck may follow your trail right into your stand. There is no point in spraying an odor eliminator before the trek into your position. In fact, an experienced buck hunter will bring the odor eliminator to the tree stand. Then only they will apply the odor eliminator to the body. You need to pay attention to your hat and hair when applying the odor eliminator.

One needs to set-up and take down the tree stand before the hunting season. Checking the aerial photos of the hunting area is also very important in this regard. In fact, aerial photos are some of the best scouting aids for a deer hunter. There is no better way to check aerial photos of your hunting area than searching Google Maps for the area. Don’t trim shooting lanes during the hunting season. The best time to trim these lanes is during the summer season. In fact, a wise deer might be conditioned to the smell of freshly cut timber. It may associate this with human predation which is a disadvantage to your hunting. These are important things to consider when hunting deer.

In conclusion, are you are a veteran hunter or just a newbie hunter heading to the field for the first time? The above deer hunting tips will help you become successful in buck hunting.

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